The tablet on the platform interacts with the Silver Trumpets Software installed on the sound system. This screen serves to::

  1. See the names of those who want to answer from home.
  2. Allow someone who listens to the meeting from home to answer.
  3. See a chronometer (the chronometer is operated from the computer at the sound system).
  4. Receive internal communication (That are sent by the computer at the sound system. For example: the attendance)
  5. Hear a discreet sound when something new happens. Please do not use this tablet for other purposes and do not remove it from the platform.

Open the internet browser on the tablet on the platform.

Navigate with the browser to http://<ip adres van de pc met servercomponenten>/platformscreen. If the recommendations from the document Wired and Wireless Network have been followed than the IP address of the computer with the server components is The URL will then be:

On this page you can select the congregation.

If several congregations meet in one Kingdom Hall, always check if there are no tab's of other congregations still open on the tablet. After you choose the right congregation, you will receive access to the screen to operate Silver Trumpets from the platform.


  1. If you want to allow sounds being played in the tablet (for example, when the gime of someone has passed), clickon the button 'Enable sounds'.
  2. In the title you can find the time and date and what congregation is opened.
  3. Under 'Spoken time' you see the time that has been used for the talk.
  4. Under 'Time left' you can find the time that is left for the talk.
  5. There is also a timeline which visually inducates how much time is left.
  6. Next to 'Information' can be mentioned some communications.

If someone raises his or her name from home you receive the following screen:

To let someon answer from home, it is necessary to press the box next to the name of the person.

The name now changes into green.

To end an answer click on the button next to the name.

If a person that wishes to answer is not choosen immediately, the name will change into yellow. If the person is still not chosen the name dissapears.

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