To be able to listen to the meetings from your own telephone, the following steps need to be done:

Call the VoIP telephonenumber in the Kingdom Hall. In the Silver Trumpets program the number to call is written inthe middle of the screen.

If is also possible that you received a printout where you can find the Dial phone number. Here an example of such a printout:

When you call the phone number and in your contact information in the Silver Trumpets program, there is only one person entered for the whole family then you will immediately enter the meeting and hear the welcoming message 'Welcome'. If the Silver Trumpets program did not start yet you wil hear hold music.

If several people are registered in the contact information of one family, then if they call, the first question will be: 'Please, enter the number of people that are following the meeting throughout this connection followed by the # key.' Enter the number of people and then press the '#' key. You will then hear the welcoming message 'Welcome'.

To raise you hand press the number corresponding to your name. In the example above John Friendly needs to press 1 to raise his hand, Anna Friendly must press 2 and Tamara Friendly press 3 to answer.



  • If you call from a private telephonenumber or from an other number than the one that is indicated in your contactinformation, the system will ask you first to enter the number of your congregation followed by '#' and then to enter your registered phone number followed by '#'.
  • If the system doesn't recognise you, or if you are not set as 'Allowed' in the Silver Trumpets contact information, you will hear the following message: 'We could not find your data. Please, try again or contact your group overseeer who will verify your access.'
  • To connect the computer at the Kingdom Hall needs to be turned on.
  • If you raised your hand and the brother that is conducting the meeting gives you the word, don't forget to put of your speaker during the answer. You can put the speakers back on after you've finished the answer.
  • During an answer you do not hear the Kingdom Hall. If the brother that is conducting the meeting sais something during your answer, you will not be able to hear it.
  • At the end of your answer, you should not do anything. The brother that let you answer, will press a button so the Kingdom Hall no longer hears you speak and you can hear the sound coming from the Kingdom Hall again. If the brother thanks you for your answer before he pressed that button you will not hear it.
  • Do  not hang up after an answer, or you will no longer be connected to the meeting.