Conference system

This component shows who is connected to the meeting (4) using phone or internet connection and when that connection was setup (1). The displayed phonenumber is the phonenumber (3) registered in the contact form. If the contact did not skip the question to enter the number of people listening to the meeting throughout that connection, the the number of attendees (2) will be shown too.

On the right-hand side, the total number of attendees for all current connections to this meeting (5) is displayed. The LED to the label 'Sound' shows if the conference is receiving signal. If the LED stays dark, this indicates a problem.

Participation in the meeting

When someone connected from home, 'raises his hand' electronically, the name will be shown in the program Silver Trumpets on the computer and on the tablet on the platform.

The name of person who raised his hand electronically, will be shown for a few seconds, whereafter the color changes. The colors yellow-red show that the possibility to select this person will finish soon. If this person is not selected quickly, the name will disappear from the screen.

Caution: When the name has disappeared, this person cannot be selected anymore before the person raises his hand again electronically.

To allow someone to answer from home, the only required action is clicking the button iconSpeak after having announced via the microphone that he or she may answer.

When clicking the button iconSpeak the colors change to white-green, as shown in the screenshot below and this means that the answer is active.

Caution: Depending on the advanced settings, all the attendees at home do not hear the sound from the kingdom hall anymore, they hear only the answer from the person at home that was selected to answer until the answer is finished and terminated from the computer or tablet in the Kingdom Hall. For this reason, when the answer from home has finished, it should be terminated immediately.

To terminate an answer from home, the only required action is to click the button iconStopSpeaking.