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If someone wants to listen to the meeting from home using a computer, it is possible by opening a webpage.

The needed webpage to connect from home is indicated in the Silver Trumpets program.

In the screenshot below you see two frames:

At home, open the internetbrowser and enter the webpage. If the computer in the Kingdom Hall is turned off, it will not be possible to connect to the webpage. You then receive an error 'Problem loading page'. If the computer in the Kingdom Hall is turned on you will enter on the next page:

Fill in your username and password to be able to listen to the meeting. Your username and password should be previously entered into the Silver Trumpets program of the Kingdom Hall. You receive them from your group overseeer or the brother that takes care of the sound system in the Kingdom Hall and you can not change them. You should also be 'Allowed' to listen to the meeting from home (if you are not allowed, ask it to your group overseeer). In the Kingdom hall your username and password can be found in the screen below:

By clicking in this screen on the button with the printer on, it is possible to receive a printout with the data needed for all brothers and sisters that could follow a meeting from home. Such a printout looks like this:

If you entered the correct username and password you will receive the next screen:

On this page you are asked to give access to your microphone. Do this by ticking the box 'Allow'. If you also tick the box 'Remember' then the program in future will not ask this permission again. Exit by clicking on 'Close'.

Remark: Don't let the microphone tab open in this box, while you are giving an answer.

You now get the following page where you need to tick who follows the meeting from home. Then click on the button 'Attend meeting'.

You are now connected to the meeting.

When the computer in the Kingdom Hall is started but not the Silver Trumpets program, you will hear hold music.When the Silver Trumpets program is started in the Kingdom Hall, you will now hear the sound coming from the Kingdom Hall (Attention: if no music is played in the Kingdom Hall and the meeting has not started yet, it is normal to hear no sound at home).